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We help all cyclists, professionals and amateurs to find their own way, which allows everyone to choose how he lives and drives.

With our racing bikes, everyone can challenge their limits and reach their destination, proving the thrill of victory in every race.

(Davide Boifava, CEO of CARRERA)

With this vision, the CARRERA brand, founded in 1989, was born to develop and build beautiful and winning road bikes.

Podium is indeed a society born of the wish of former professional Davide Boifava, with about thirty glorious victories and placements in less than 10 years.

Together with him Luciano Bracchi, professional driver of Davide's first team, INOXPRAN and later mechanic of the  Italian Cycling Federation. Two real professionals in the cycling world, men who know what it means to be in the saddle of a professional racing bike.


Podium CARRERA has been developing, producing and configuring road bikes of top quality and beauty in Italy for almost 30 years. Their unmistakable design, but especially ProBike capable, even the most extreme fans are satisfied. Thanks to continuous technological research, constant innovation of production processes, research into new materials and new trends, careful attention to design, continuing analysis of the new demands of the world of cycling and product testing with professional cyclists, professionals and amateurs can travel with one perfect and faithful companion. Great cycling names like Giovanni Battaglin, Guido Bontempi, Stephen Roche, Roberto Visentin, Claudio Chiapppucci, Marco Pantani, Bruno Leali, Massimo Ghirotto, Erich Mächler, Rolf Sorensen, Michele Bartoli, Gianluca Bortolami, Urs Zimmermann, Domenico Passuello and many others have wanted it and loved it, made it the protagonist of memorable victories and sparked the dreams of all fans.