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Carrera TTS-01/ Frameset

 The Carrera TTS-01 is a racing bike that dominates in time trial and triathlon. 


CARRERA TTS-01 is the result of clever technological research. Designed, built and completely assembled in the Carrera Podium workshops in Italy.

The TTS 01 presents itself on the bicycle market as the best solution for time trial, long distance and triathlon.

The highest technological level that Carrera Podium has developed for ist drivers.

First of all, the frame is manufactured with a special hybrid technology and is thus able to connect parts produced with the autoclave system to the belt technology, which gives the advantages of both: high mechanical performance and flexibility of the frame construction. By using a hybrid design technology, it is also possible to create individual geometries for specific needs that are specially tailored to ergonomic or cyclic requirements.


In addition, the four available standard geometries have been optimized by the innovative "Stack & Reach" method. This method makes it possible to standardize the sizes and place them on a straight line by optimizing the steering distance from the center of the motion box.


In terms of aerodynamic efficiency, the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) study makes it possible to achieve a good compromise between aerodynamic drag, stiffness and the UCI sports rules.


In detail you can see the special design of the sleeves, the vertical slide and the steering area between the steering tube, the down tube and the clevis.


These two areas have been the subject of careful aerodynamic studies that have enabled low aerodynamic drag and torsion stiffness to be maintained. An innovative solution called "integrated shoulders" has been introduced for the front, allowing a 1 "1/8" and 1 1/2 "conical steering underneath to be used to increase the stiffness of the front of the bike while maintaining a frontal profile Almost identical to a conventional 1 "1/8 steering down.

In the case of the rear part, the special solution of the sleeves from the vertical slider facilitates the passage of the incoming air and allows the boundary layer to maintain good adhesion even in the vicinity of the sleeves. In addition, thanks to the two vertical sleeves well spaced from the wheel, the induced boundary layer creates a state of turbulence with the incident air flow, but the good aerodynamic behavior of the two vertical backsides is not removed from the sleeves.


As far as the cockpit is concerned, the transmission systems of the control units are fully integrated thanks to the special integrated steering bender, the cables and sleeves for the mechanical assemblies and for the electronic groups. More specifically, the cables that penetrate the handlebar crease directly into the frame remain hidden from view and air, leaving the bike a perfect profile clean and free of elements that can cause the disruptive separation of the air boundary layer.


The TTS-01 has a special built-in braking system that is well hidden even during braking by the air flowing through it.

Also in this case, the boundary layer sticks well to the surfaces of the bicycle and thereby reduces the energy dissipation induced by turbulent motions.

Last but not least, it is the special seat support collar integrated in two screws that guarantees maximum safety from the point of view of vibration, even under the most difficult conditions.


Excellent roadholding, low air resistance and high rigidity make the TTS-01 the ideal time machine for every racing cyclist.

Suitable for the amateur and professional


 Only abailable as a Frame Set



  • Weight:  Frame 1.350 g (Size M) 
  • Frame: Carbon Pre-Preg-T-700SC SHM40 T  HR40   Laminated Carbon
  • Framesize: S-M-L-XL
  • Fork: FF 51 Carbon 60HM UD 1- 1 / 8"-  1,5"  /Weight 450gr.
  • Brakes (integrated) Tektro
  • Bottom Bracket: Press Fit 86x41
  • Stem (integrated) Alux 100mm
  • Carbon integrated chainstay
  • Device for electronic shifting


Italian Style

CARRERA's Probikes are perfect representatives of the Italian style in the world. Thanks to the study of design and graphics, which gets an almost manic attention. Since Podium also knows the emotional value of each probikes, there has always been the possibility of requesting individual colors and / or graphics, so that everyone has the maximum freedom of choice for their "travel companion".


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Carrera TTS-01 Frame Set




-FSA Headset

-Seat Post

-Stem integrated Alux 100mm

-Brakes integrated

Delivery time 3-4 Weeks from receipt of payment  directly from the manufactory in Italy

Availability can be clarified in advance via our contact form

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