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C.B.T. Italia (Construction Bicycles Tardivo) was founded in the mid-50s by Giovanni Tardivo, a regional wholesaler and retailer of bicycle and motorcycle parts.

At the beginning of the 70s, Giovanni's first son, Guido, joined C.B.T-Italia and expanded the company's production of road / racing bikes and frames.

At the beginning of the eighties, Giovanni's second son, Bruno, joined the company. C.B.T. Italia shifted the core of its business mainly into the manufacture and distribution of road bike frames.

In those years, steel was the only material used for bicycle frames, but C.B.T. Italia was already able to distinguish its products by introducing black chrome fork ends and broken seat tubes to achieve a shorter chainstay.

At the end of the eighties, the company's core business shifted from bicycle production to industrial production with the death of founder Giovanni Tardivo. Investment in innovative machinery allowed C.B.T. Italia specializes in the processing of stainless steel and aluminum. The company has applied this new technology, originally developed for the aerospace industry, to racing bikes. The result was successful.

Aluminum slowly began to replace steel in the production and manufacture of bicycles. Frames now had the ability to be lighter and adapted to the customer's specifications.

In the course of a new millennium, C.B.T. Italia committed to the continuous development of bicycle frame production.

With the introduction of carbon fibers, the company now has the opportunity to create frames that combine the lightness of aluminum with style and comfort that are second to none.

In 2002 C.B.T. Italia its carbon prototype frame with the ladies' Tour de France. The final result was the Maillot Jaune jersey (yellow jersey / Tour de France). The frame was the carbon fiber, the ancestor of the monocoque carbon frames, which were built entirely in the plant in Cuneo, Italy.


The company today:

The philosophy has remained unchanged: to maintain quality rather than quantity, to use first-class materials and innovative technologies and to serve customers with specific requirements.