Based on the Carrera 2019 collection, Podium SRL recognizes its customers the opportunity to extend the warranty of its one-year Carrera frame from 2 to 3 years by completing the registration form and shipping within 10 days. This registration also allows you to benefit from the Crash Replacement Program for the duration of the warranty. In order to facilitate the correct submission of the form, please fill in all fields marked as binding.


Podiums SRL is committed to the privacy of its customers to process the data of registered users in strict confidence and only for internal use, in accordance with the provisions of the articles. 11 and following L 196/2003. The registration is voluntary, but necessary to obtain the benefits associated with it. The data provided could be made available to judicial authorities in the event of criminal or commercial crime investigations. any registered user, at any time, may request the data deletion written request to be registered at privacy@carrerapro.bike registration. Please note that deleting data in immediate loss will result in the possibility of using the warranty and the benefits obtained with the registration itself.


warranty limitations


The chassis and components of a bicycle's variable life cycles, like the factors that determine the duration, are numerous: the structure, the mounting materials, the frequency and type of use they are subjected to, maintenance, cleaning, the possible use of aggressive ones detergents, the weight and strength of the cyclist and, finally, external factors such as beating, squeezing or falling.


It is therefore recommended to check the general condition of your Carrera pro.bike as the bike and its components are tested to use a lot of stress, not imm predictable, which in time affect the ability of performance and wear. If the "useful life" of a component is exceeded, it can suddenly lead to serious risks and expose the user to the risk of injury. We therefore recommend that you periodically return to your workshop for advice on the most frequently mentioned frequency of maintenance and cleaning of your carrera pro.bike.


Intended Use

this product was developed exclusively for use on the race track or on the road with a smooth surface. the use of the bicycle carries risks in any case, in particular factors such as lack of maintenance, the lack of frequent inspections, poor visibility, darkness or rain can greatly increase these risks.


limited warranty: three years / two years

Podium SRL guarantees its framework for 3 years from the date of purchase to the sale, if it is registered within 10 days after purchase on the website www.carrerapro.bike; 2 years, if the registration is not carried out and after the expiry of this period takes place. the components of other companies mounted on the carrera are subject to the warranty of the respective manufacturer to which reference should be made.

the Podium SRL warranty does not cover:


1 products without a sales receipt (receipt or invoice)

2. products not purchased from an authorized carrera dealer;

3. products whose identification numbers have been removed, changed, deleted or made illegible;

4. the consequences for the physiological erosion of the probike;

5. damage resulting from improper use, improper installation, incorrect or inadequate maintenance, accidents, impacts, corrosion, use of aggressive cleaning agents, use of incompatible products, improperly performed repairs and, in general, anything that represents a defect in materials or workmanship.

6. Products have arrived at the natural end of the usage cycle;

7. the effects of UV exposure (fading, yellowing) and / or salt environment;

8. lacquered products (also partial)

9. products that have changed;

10. Damage due to transport (responsibility of the transport company)


In any case, the personnel required for the replacement is excluded. This warranty is only for the original purchaser, is not transferable and is expressly limited to repair or replacement of a defective product. If a product is repaired or replaced as a free warranty, the replacement product has a new warranty.


the product replaced as part of the warranty remains the property of Podium SRL. the remaining legal rights remain unaffected by the national laws of the country in which the purchase was made. if a clause of this warranty is void or if it contradicts the national laws of the state in which the product was purchased, the remaining provisions remain valid. This is the only conventional warranty for the purchased product. It is also expressly excluded, additional clause, extension or implied warranty.

With this guarantee, when buying and using Podium SRL products, this discussion should be governed by Italian law. for any disputes arising out of or relating to this warranty, the court of brescia, italy, is solely responsible.


appeal proceedings:

Complaints will only be accepted if the bike warranty is returned to the CARRERA dealer where it was regularly purchased. If the product was not purchased in Italy, it must be delivered to this CARRERA dealer outside the Italian area where it was purchased. the product must be cleaned (if it has been made dirty, it will be kept for 10 days for its cleaning at the cost and care of the customer and if not, then scrapped). to the medium must be attached:


1. name, address, telephone and e-mail (as stated at the time of registration of the bicycle on our website, when the registration was made).

2. a tax document attesting to the place and date of purchase.

3. A detailed description of the problem (we recommend using tape to determine the exact position).

4. A description of the components that are used together with the claimed product

5. A specific request if you wish that the sensitive personal information provided after processing the complaint will not be saved for future use.

6. a statement on how to manage the product if it is outside the care of the product; In the absence of a specific declaration, the product is kept available for 10 days and then scrapped


crash replacement program

From the 2019 season, if you place a frame from an authorized dealer CARRERA and logs on carrerapro.bike site within 10 days from purchase, correctly fill in the form above, it will be entered automatically in the "crash raplacement" program. In other words, starting with the 2019 collection, you will be able to purchase a frame at a discounted price from the same authorized dealer where you originally made the purchase if the original was damaged beyond repair (in a fall or a fall) accident), during the warranty period. the discount applies only on the frame and if only within 10 days after purchase registered on our site www.carrerapro.bike, on a frame in the same height or smaller than the damaged and it will be the same

40% in the first year;

30% in the second year;

20% in the third year.

The broken and / or damaged frame must be returned to Podium SRL, who becomes ist owner.

Finally, we state that the assembly and reassembly of the components, if done by us, will take place at the time.



In order to benefit from the "crash replacement" program, you must inform the CARRERA dealer of the damage to the chassis (stating the serial number) and the desire to replace it with a new one at a discounted price. they must also provide the following in good time:


1. the original proof of purchase and contact information as you leave on the site during registration of the frame;

2. photos in jpg.format of the entire bike after the accident and the damaged detail;

3. a copy of the eventual accident to the authorities;

4. The damaged frame, which we have against a reduction on the new chassis property of Podium SRL.


Modification right

Podium SRL reserves the right to revoke or amend this policy at any time without prior notice