Model Year 2020

Guerciottis Gravel Bike

Ride on any trail in every season.

If Gravel is a novelty to many, for Guerciotti it is the natural evolution of a cross-oriented soul.

Compared to Guerciotti's cyclocross bikes, which earn winnings on unpaved roads across Europe, these Gravelbikes have a more comfortable seating position.

These still retain their high-level technical features such as disc brakes, a lightweight frame and extra space for wider tires.

Ideal for every way and every season.

Guerciotti Brera

Brera the Milanese soul:

Brera is the high-end model for Gravel.

With a carbon-fiber frame, reinforced at the critical torsion areas, this allows an elastic wheel but also rigid while driving.

An extremely comfortable and beautiful Gravel bike.


from 2.560€